Mr Koh considers himself successful by maintaining 80% A/B in his classes (2015 results = 89% A for RI; 70% A for HCI; 76% A/B for other JCs). Mr Koh does not buy medals but earns his battle scars. He prefers that discerning parents and students judge his credibility based on his (i) published works; (ii) achievements in Economics;  and (iii) his collection of student testimonials. Students are always welcome to experience the difference with a trial class.

Published works

                                                                                                                                            My article in the 2016 Economics Society of Singapore bulletin.

Orthodoxing Monetary Policy:               Asia's Role in the Global Economy and the            The Asian Financial Crisis 10 Years On: What Has

Political Opposition and the Road         International Financial System - Promising             Changed and What Have We Learnt? (First Prize)

Ahead for the Bank of Japan (p.10)      Powerhouse but Unready Leader? (First Prize)

Achievements in Economics (click to see certificates)

Mr Koh in Media (no paid advertorials)



Featured in Scholars Choice under Straits Times Special Edition                      Featured in NUS Economics News Bulletin


                                                           Featured in Brightsparks 

                                                           Scholarship Magazine as 

                                                           a "Guardian of the SG Economy".

                                                                                                                           Featured in Channelnewsasia, MAS, ESS and NUS

                                                                                                                           websites as "NUS Undergrad who Tops Economics

                                                                                                                           Essay Competition for Second Year Running".

Mr Koh's Teaching Resources for Students

1) 24/7 phone support 

2) Youtube video tutorials

3) Hundreds of online topical flashcards (registration needed)

4) Twitter news feeds

​5) THE Economics guidebook for all students - also available at school and Popular bookstores

6) Worked solutions and Mr Koh's detailed comments in TYS - available at all Popular bookstores

Best-selling TYS in Popular bookstores (published by

Shing Lee)

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A Proven Framework to Produce Results


Fee and Lesson Structure

About Mr Koh (certificates available below)

-  Monetary Authority of Singapore Scholarship Recipient

-  First Class Honours in Economics

-  Top in NUS Economics Honours Cohort

- Winner of 12 University Awards through Majoring in Economics

- Author of 2 best-selling Economics reference books (available through Popular bookstores / school sales)

- Publications in Economics Journals and Economics Society of Singapore Bulletin

-  Conducts Classes from Coronation Plaza (Bt Timah) and Annual Economics Workshops in Schools

need an economics tutor?

More than 2,000 copies sold in bookstores and school sales in first 6 months of release


Tel: 9070-6248 (

A PREmium economics tuition centre

Trusted by students and parents

In a class of between 10 to 15 students, Mr Koh places a heavy emphasis on the teaching of application skills. 

There are three parts to his lessons which can be understood through a CAM framework - (1) Content; (2) Application; and (3) Methodology. Important content parts are covered as he paces students through their school curriculum. These include distilling the content into sections which students need to be extremely familiar with for essay-writing and CSQ questions. This effectively helps students "cut through the content clutter" and develop a laser focus to revision. 

The second and most important part of his lessons is the teaching of application skills. Drawing on his experience as a TYS author, he reviews school and Cambridge examination questions to develop a set of parachute concepts for each chapter. These are concepts, which when opened up (like a parachute), cover a significant part of the syllabus. This also explains why they are favourites to appear in exam questions, since they assess a student's breadth and depth of knowledge. Along with this, he has a SCEED approach to help students score in case study questions, and a BCC + DDEE framework to guide essay writing to secure L3 marks. Many past students who have secured their A with Mr Koh will glady testify to the effectiveness and intuitiveness of his parachute concepts.

To augment the above, Mr Koh has developed specific methodologies in the form of essay structures (x9) and content frameworks (x8) to help students save time in planning work during exams. The three phases complement one another to deliver a powerful impact on a student's performance. However, even with the best form of education, diligence remains a great teacher. As such, Mr Koh ensures that there is never a dull day in his lessons in order to stimulate students' interest in the subject.

Accolades - News Features, Certificates & Publications

Fees are considered above-average rates, but so are our results. Students are incentivised to join earlier with lower rates. But the main draw is that you get to work through the Content, Application and Methodology phases with Mr Koh to maximise your ability to secure an A at the end of two years. 

Nonetheless, Mr Koh is committed to help all students achieve their desired grade regardless of when they enrol in his classes. Special crash courses are conducted in June to help new students catch up on Mr Koh's parachute concepts. The only hard constraint here is the number of slots available in his regular lessons. 

Each lesson lasts 2 hours. Mr Koh actively asks questions and elicit comments from students during his classes, and this is impossible to do within a shorter class duration. All lessons are conducted from Coronation Plaza, which is easily accessible by bus or train.

​Fee structure is as follows:

Level                   Enrolment                       Fees


​JC1                      Jan-Aug                          $340

JC1                      Sep-Dec                          $360

JC2                      Jan-Apr                           $380

JC2                      May-Jun                          $400  

JC2                      Jul onwards                    $480                   

Once registered, the fees will be locked in throughout the student's stint with us, i.e. the fees will remain the same from the point of registration until the A levels. No other administrative and material fees are charged.

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